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Back from spain

Hello Everybody,

       I’m back from Spain and even though we had a wonderful journey and teaching in Spain with individuals living in Europe, I must say it’s good to be back in our home, especially with all that’s happening worldwide.  It seems that after spending seven weeks in Europe there seems to be a lot of people living in fear and desperation especially with the Terrorist attacks in France, Tunisia, Kuwait, that killed dozens to include the recent attacks in California.  These events has brought me to look at the Circle of Fear we humans often create in us, and more practically how this circle of fear extends to humanity via the culture, societal media all the way to the radical terrorist ideas and tactics, creating more fear and anxiety.  This article is in small part how we can individually deal with it.

       First of all this may be a good time for us to look at what’s our responsibility in dealing with the rampant display of terror tactics, especially with what’s taking place globally.  When one connects with the terror that some choose to live with, this will obviously heighten any unhealed anxiety, trepidation and fear that you may have in you, mentally, emotionally and viscerally. 

       This fear in turn, especially when not dealt within one, may be unconsciously projected onto the dream of humanity, which will in turn give the human dream credibility and reality making it tangible in this human dream.  In time this fear will return to you.  It’s a circle where fear creates more fear, and it can only stop when each one of us, or as many individuals that choose to heal that in us, and them.  Eventually, and as each heals that in them, the over all circle of fear will diminish.

       What you create and carry in you energetically such as fear and trepidation, energy that the Universal Law of “Cause and Effect” claims will come right back to you as long as you carry this energy in you.  In other words if you live in anxiety and fear, this is what you are asking for in this universal human dream, more stress and fear.  

You may then ask how can you heal that individual fear in you?  Here’s, few simple steps that may help that process:      

  1. Connect with that fear in you. Identify it as best as you can.  How does it feel?  Where do you feel it in your body?  Attempt to imagine what that fear looks like in you?  Once you get an idea of what that fear feels and looks like in you, you, may want to give it a name, other than any connection to panic and fear.  You may find this difficult to do at first especially if you are not use to tracking your feeling body.  Be patient with this first step and practice will help you connect with this in you.    
  2. Make at peace with the fear in you.  Once you ID the fear in you, ask your self if there any other step’s you need to bring this fear to a conclusion?  Is there some completion that you may need to go through to start diminishing the distress and fear in you?  When you can see, feel the imagined fear with out bringing up more of the same like energy is when you have started to clear that in you.  This may take some time as you create more and more peace in you.     
  3. Once you make peace with this fear, in other words, it does not control your emotions and feelings, start living your life with as much unlimited thoughts and actions as you can moment to moment each day.  It’s really all about changing your energy from limited to the unlimited as much as you can consciously so that it will eventually effect that unconscious part in you, tipping the scales of energy balance from fear to peace, and happiness.

       I know I'm simplifying the process at the same time this simple process can start the individual healing.  If you are having difficulty with this process, connect with me and I can assist you.  We know that when we connect with fear outside of you, that in turn will provoke and intensify the fear that we may have in you, you then will become overly sensitive and consequently respond to the outside world from a place of fear and limitation.   Ultimately you can only become responsible and heal the fear inside of you that in time will decrease the fear outside of you, ending the cycle in you and eventually in this human dream we call life.  

       Once we understand how this fear acts in you and how the effect from the outer dream has on you, you will understand that it’s all about connecting, owning and healing that fear in you so when you connect with the fear outside of you will not react from a limited place.  At the same time for starters you can acknowledge it, be aware of it, and take precautions by not taking more of that limited energy in you.

       Sending you much love and respect on this 2015 Holiday Seasons…         Luis

Emotional intelligence: The Most Powerful Factor in the Success Equation…

What do Men and women do with their feelings and emotions?

  1. Do they stuff them in, and in time become limited mental/emotional explosions ready to happen? 
  2. Do they project the limited energy from their feelings and emotions on to others? 
  3. Do they put on an image of not caring, and consequently become emotionally unavailable to themselves and others?
  4. Or, do they express their feelings and emotions from a non-aggressive method without projecting anger and or limitation onto others. 

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Love, Fear, Failure and Risk Taking

A few week's ago I was rereading Lord Alfred Tennyson poem in Wayne Dyer's, book, Wisdom of the Ages, that I'm sure many have read and most remember the last two lines.

"Tis better to have loved and lost

Than never to have loved at all.”

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The Importance and Aspects of an Apology

Have you ever done something or said something that was not impeccable and regretted it because you were inappropriate with your word and or action? Do you let it be, or do you feel that something needs to happen to change the energy in you and between them and you? An apology may be in order to clear that from your conscience and restore the relationship.

When one goes against the natural action of kindness toward humanity one needs to clear the air with the injured person as well as with one self.

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About being Lucky or Deserving

Have you ever come to a time in your life that you’ve almost lost everything, to include coming close to losing your life? Then you were given a second chance, and later a third chance, and much, much later a fourth. Would you say that’s being lucky, or deserving?

In this Toltec Heart Wisdom teaching we value four stages of human growth: Awareness, Transformation, Acceptance and Deservedness. Deservedness is the acquired stage of life for human beings and as the highest level of any organic being on planet earth, humans deserves everything unlimited in life. Unfortunately, most human minds, mostly due to fear, will not allow that deservedness to come to them. Many resist what’s due to them, and continue living in the “less than,” the not deserving, and not loving one’s self.


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Flying from the Seat of Your Pants

The theme for yours truly today, as well as what's been in most of my life, that keeps coming up, which must mean that I still need to learn how to live it, has been surrendering to life's universal wisdom, through one's openness, and flexibility. In other words, learning how to follow the signs and guidance of the energy of the Universe, as well as of the internal emotional, and mental mind, of one's self.

I had recently been living in the South West of the USA, holding up in a nice environment, mostly out of fear, of once again venturing out of my comfort zone, keeping life in a continuous monotony of the past, and not deciding on doing something different for my self, and what I teach. Besides all the labels of what I teach, what I really teach is learning how to be free from one's own fear, and I was not living my teaching, that would be to follow my bliss, and the guidance of this creation we call life, through the universal energy, as well as my own guidance of that in me.

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Do Men Have Feelings and Emotions?

Yes, men do have feelings and emotions. What we may want to better ask is what do men do with their feelings and emotions?

Hold them, stuff them that may eventually take them to abuse drinking, and drugs, to relieve the pain.  As well as take part in other limited addictions and patterns that keep the feelings and emotions in control, and deep in each one, that may ultimately take one to explode with anger and rage toward others and possibly to self.

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Individual Initiation into Self Mastery

Self Mastery can be defined as having the human ability to manage one's thoughts, feelings and emotions, especially as one is clearing one's 'human domestication process.' Human domestication process is how I refer to what was passed down to you by family members, learning institutions, culture, as well as peers--especially during your formative years of life. Later on in one's life, Self Mastery helps the individual manage, cope, and deal with real life situations, especially with other human beings, be it with your partner, family, friends, and or with individuals in your work environment.

The most unlimited and active form of living life is when humans learn how to 'connect' with one's self, to feel others that you are relating and interacting with, either on a personal basis or work environment. Connecting with self, is the act of becoming aware, owning, and expressing in a healthy way your feelings and emotions.

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Seeing the Good in the Bad Economy

What stands out for me about this great global recession is how some critics and supporters are viewing our present economic situation. Most are searching well above the surface of the economic debate to see who was at fault, how it came about, or what we can do about it. All of this is just one part of the equation. There is a much deeper issue that is affecting us economically; an issue that asks us to look within ourselves for new individual guidance of our personal values to make right life choices. These choices can affect all of us personally and communally. Eventually they can even change our local, national, and global priorities. We also may want to look at our limited habits and patterns that come from a fear of scarcity, and our current measurements of success.

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