Luis Molinar, CPC, MBA-IM

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  • Spiritual Messages for Spring 2009

    I just read a wonderful article in one of our local metaphysical newspapers, Earth Odyssey, here in Prescott, AZ, that talks about the human mind, emotions, and body connection. I found it very interesting and I wanted to pass on this insight to you, in my own words and understanding, as well as with this teaching of heart and mind.

    The writing starts by making an assumption, and later goes on to show that chronic pain or illness and the symptoms of that, are signals from our unconscious telling us that we may be holding something limited in our mind’s total consciousness. The initial article from Mike Davis, of Energy Medicine Foundation here in Prescott, AZ, inspired me to underwrite this message and pass this knowledge on to you. I believe that this concept fits so well with the way we think and live with this teaching of the duality.

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