Luis Molinar, CPC, MBA-IM

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About being Lucky or Deserving

Have you ever come to a time in your life that you’ve almost lost everything, to include coming close to losing your life? Then you were given a second chance, and later a third chance, and much, much later a fourth. Would you say that’s being lucky, or deserving?

In this Toltec Heart Wisdom teaching we value four stages of human growth: Awareness, Transformation, Acceptance and Deservedness. Deservedness is the acquired stage of life for human beings and as the highest level of any organic being on planet earth, humans deserves everything unlimited in life. Unfortunately, most human minds, mostly due to fear, will not allow that deservedness to come to them. Many resist what’s due to them, and continue living in the “less than,” the not deserving, and not loving one’s self.


Once the human being becomes aware of the unlimited and limited behavior in them, the stage of transformation starts, and begins to heal that which needs recovery, love and an internal shift. Once this transformation is in the works, one will come to Acceptance of “where” and “who” they truly are. Once you have created awareness and have transformed all that needs changing, you learn to accept yourself just as you are in that moment. This will take you to the deserving stage of transformation.

Destiny brings about lessons in life, which in turn gives humans an opportunity to heal that which needs shifting, bringing about acceptance, which will take you to being deserving of everything good. Yes, dear one, everything unlimited that as a human being you deserve.

Don Luis Molinar


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