Luis Molinar, CPC, MBA-IM

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Emotional intelligence: The Most Powerful Factor in the Success Equation…

What do Men and women do with their feelings and emotions?

  1. Do they stuff them in, and in time become limited mental/emotional explosions ready to happen? 
  2. Do they project the limited energy from their feelings and emotions on to others? 
  3. Do they put on an image of not caring, and consequently become emotionally unavailable to themselves and others?
  4. Or, do they express their feelings and emotions from a non-aggressive method without projecting anger and or limitation onto others. 

    If you connect with the first three options and do what’s described in these options, you are most likely inauthentic to yourselves and others especially by not owning your feeling and emotions.  To become authentic one must feel, own, and express in a kind manner your emotional body.  For most this is not an easy thing to do.  It takes someone to show you how to do this, and later it takes practice so one can become emotionally available to one’s self and others.

    Why would anyone want to be emotionally available?  Besides being authentic with ones self and others, it opens up new ways to communicate, not only coming from the mental mind, but also from the emotional being and existence.  This completes the sharing and communication process, especially with close relationships.  If taken to another level, when one communicates from the mental and emotional level in the workplace, one in turn can create long-lasting meaningful relationships with colleagues, employees and clients.

    Our “emotionality,” feelings and emotions are under everything we do or don’t do in life.  How we feel is how we act and react to things in life, in us and outside of our selves.  When we take emotional responsibility for ourselves, we learn how to administer our actions based on the understanding of our feelings and emotions.  This gives us a new understanding of our inner self and completely new way of administrating our feeling and emotional body.

    Many of us have been trained to use our mind to control our feelings and emotions.  It becomes a habit to the point that it becomes automatic, the not feeling, not owning, and not expressing.  Others learn through patterning how to express out of anger and frustration to self and others, hurting those around them, to include themselves.

    Learning how to connect inside of self, to understand and know when a limited feeling and or emotion are ready and necessary to be released is an art.  Knowing and learning when to express and when to vent is a quality learned in life.  We do this to release the “limitation” in you, it’s a skill learned that fortunately most are born with but unfortunately, don’t know how to use it and exercise it. 

    Any questions, and or comments feel free to ask them here.

Luis Molinar

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