Luis Molinar, CPC, MBA-IM

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Seeing the Good in the Bad Economy

What stands out for me about this great global recession is how some critics and supporters are viewing our present economic situation. Most are searching well above the surface of the economic debate to see who was at fault, how it came about, or what we can do about it. All of this is just one part of the equation. There is a much deeper issue that is affecting us economically; an issue that asks us to look within ourselves for new individual guidance of our personal values to make right life choices. These choices can affect all of us personally and communally. Eventually they can even change our local, national, and global priorities. We also may want to look at our limited habits and patterns that come from a fear of scarcity, and our current measurements of success.

All of this raises questions about personal, family, and spiritual values that encompass our ultimate goals and purposes of life. This could be a special time in this dream of life, a transformational moment for all of us that may come just once in our lifetime. This is that moment to reevaluate our values and limited thinking.

In addition to saving the economy, there is a strong need for a “moral human recovery” to initiate and maintain the economic recovery. This time may not look like 'going back to business as usual,' but instead, it will be about developing a new norm for humans to live better, more contributory, happier and more contented lives. We need to ask important questions that are at the center of how we got into this crisis in the first place, as well as how we are going to get out of it. We must put aside and discourage the old adages about money and success that overtook us in the first place. This is a time to look at the old meaning of: Materialism is Acceptable, and It's All About Me, as well as Not Willing to Wait for things to come into play, not waiting for Spirit to bring changes through destiny. Limited principles and values have created this huge economic crisis that has been demolishing both huge and small businesses, families, cultures, and global economies. It began from a questionable set of morals in the business, banking, mortgage, and government sectors of our global community.

We may want to return to truer, time-tested qualities of life and understand that enough is enough, that we are all in this together. As we all evaluate our decisions regarding the impact it may have on future generations to come, meaning our precious children and grandchildren, things will shift. Once we attune our individual values and moral system, we can then look at creating a clean and ethical, self-sustaining economy that starts with each individual and builds from there. This will improve our global economy and develop good, wholesome, individual, and family values that will assist our culture in sustaining itself from its unlimited source.

I know little about global economic occurrences and their ramifications. What I do know is that every change for humanity starts from humans making different choices. Before we can make right choices, we need to develop true and tested principles and values that can guide us along our journey. As we all start to individually change this dream of life from greed to moderation, the critical mass of all humans making different and better choices becomes a possible social and global movement. Good choices for future generations will make unlimited change for today and tomorrow.

Can you find the good news in the bad news of the present economy, in finding your true values and consequently making right choices for now and the future? Can we all look within to find a new set of priorities that develops a better sense of right action for all of us living in this human dream? It starts with you...

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