Luis Molinar, CPC, MBA-IM

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Don Luis will not be taking on any new apprentices. Please check in the near future.

"When I became an apprentice to Don Miguel in 1992, I found that the journey to living the Toltec way of life was one of the most challenging and rewarding times in my life. With time and loving inner work, my perception of Self and the outer dream changed. A deep transformation took place in various centers of my “Being” that consequently affected my entire life.

Specifically, this transformation took place in the physical, mental and emotional bodies. This “rebuilding” helped me create better physical health, a deeper and clearer mental awareness, and it increased my emotional trust level as well. It also helped me to create a solid and flexible platform from which I could follow this path in my individual work, and pass the teaching on to others.

My initial intention in becoming an apprentice to Don Miguel and this Toltec teaching was to become as free from my own fears and limitations as possible. Problematically, these fears included my fear of being an apprentice to anyone or any teaching. Another strong intent in this commitment was to focus on the unlimited in me and in my life as well.

What followed was a mysterious and mystical path that totally changed my understanding of my individual configuration as a human being. This practice altered my perception from who I thought I was to who I truly am. It also showed me how I could help this dream of humanity as I continued to become a better person for my Self, my family and my community.”

Don Luis

The purpose of apprenticing with Don Luis is to learn new ways of perceiving yourself and your life. It is a commitment you make to your Self for profound healing, developing a deeper connection with Spirit, and learning to use balanced “relational” tools in all aspects of your life.

Customized and Individual

Everyone has his or her own unique challenges, gifts, connection with Spirit, and Intent for their apprenticeship; therefore each apprentice is guided and taught individually and differently through their journey. There are no prerequisites for engaging in this work.

An apprenticeship with Don Luis is initiated by the student through a written Letter of Intent agreed upon by both you and Don Luis. This agreement addresses your specific wants and needs and serves as a plan to support you in accomplishing your dream. It can be amended or cancelled at any time by either party.

The Letter of Intent specifies how frequently, when and how you will interact with Don Luis, referred to as the “Commitments.” These Commitments can transpire through private sessions either in person or via Skype session, workshops, power journeys, conferences, or personal retreats in the United States, Mexico, or Europe. The cost of doing this work is dependent upon your chosen Commitments to bring about your intent in doing this personal transformational work.

If you would like to learn more about apprenticing with Don Luis, please send him an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to schedule a time for a phone conversation. Please reference “agreement for apprenticeship” in the subject line of your message. This could be your first step in creating a new dream of life—heaven on Earth—while also helping change the human dream of life from that of fear to love, from the limited to the unlimited.