Luis Molinar, CPC, MBA-IM

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Laoise O’Flaherty

Endorsement for a 5 day retreat with Don Luis Molinar.

Laoise O’Flaherty

This journey has been one of my life’s greatest adventures.

It was a mysterious and magical week, it is difficult to encompass in words the process of transformation my inner world underwent as words cannot do the experience the justice it deserves.

I was terrified about doing this journey; there was much resistance and many excuses to stay ‘safe’ where I was.  But thankfully, I chose not to let fear block me.  Luis offered me a doorway to another world, a world outside of the cage of fear and victimisation that keeps me trapped, a place where I can choose to live my life fully.

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Vance Koenig

"I am grateful to have the opportunity to work with Don Luis Molinar.  His teaching’s remind and help me to enjoy living more fully in the moment, to go beyond limited belief patterns, to become more fluid, to change my perceptions, to express myself from the heart and to make choices which reflect my inner direction and how I truly feel."

Vance Koenig
Maui, Hawaii
Professional musician

Marcin Zarek

Everybody's path is different and for me the first thing was to discovery that I was scattered - my mind was scattered, my actions were scattered and the reality around me was scattered.

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Stephen Collector

Four years ago, I had the great good fortune of meeting and working with Luis Molinar.  My intent as a wounded Man was to get back in touch with my emotions.  The transformation that has occurred has facilitated the healing of rifts in my family, a change in my perception and approach to my craft/art, and a new freedom that has revealed many of my limited patterns and belief systems.  I will always be grateful to this man who originally guided my awakening.  

Stephen Collector
Boulder, Co


"Luis Molinar is a man living from the heart and from a place of authenticity and acceptance.  It has been my blessing to have him as a guide, teacher, and shining example of what it is to truly be a man."

Los Angeles