Luis Molinar, CPC, MBA-IM

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Luis, I have been feeling a strong shift in perception since the New Year.  It feels odd, beautiful, and scary.  I feel like I am really waking up to some big truth within myself, and that I am finding my place in the world.  I have made a commitment to stay as much in the moment as I am able, and when I drift to bring myself back to the present.


I have set the intent to step out of living from fear and to step into my place as a man, comfortable in my skin and with my path in life.  In addition, I want to cultivate my relationship with spirit through meditation and prayer.  I have waves of confidence and peace like I have never experienced, but my mind is really resisting this shift.  There is anxiety and fear and all those voices I want so badly to rid me of.  I realize it is not about totally getting rid of the fear, for now, it’s about not reacting to it, it is about not letting it stop me from living my life from a higher place.  I feel like I am changing very rapidly and that is scary, the unknown.  However, it is truly good and beautiful, I know that.  I love you Luis, thank you for all your support.

A. C.
Art Designer
Los Angeles, Ca.