Luis Molinar, CPC, MBA-IM

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Marcin Zarek

Everybody's path is different and for me the first thing was to discovery that I was scattered - my mind was scattered, my actions were scattered and the reality around me was scattered.


It's been a real challenge for me to be centered and connected to my heart - to be who I really am, not what others expect me to be /or what I imagine that others expect me to be.

The teaching of don Luis has put my attention in expressing feelings and emotions.  I believe now that when I’m connected to my heart and to my feelings, I can adequately express from a place of heart.

Previously I used to block feelings inside me and after some time expressed them in an abrupt or unexpected way.  Or simply I didn't express them at all and felt resentment.

The relationship with my wife has improved and life seems to be more colorful and interesting.

Don Luis tells us that a man strong in heart should search for his own truth, his own mystery and then live it.  It is not an easy path but one I have chosen to follow.

Marcin Zarek
Language school owner.
Lublin, Poland