Luis Molinar, CPC, MBA-IM

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Laoise O’Flaherty

Endorsement for a 5 day retreat with Don Luis Molinar.

Laoise O’Flaherty

This journey has been one of my life’s greatest adventures.

It was a mysterious and magical week, it is difficult to encompass in words the process of transformation my inner world underwent as words cannot do the experience the justice it deserves.

I was terrified about doing this journey; there was much resistance and many excuses to stay ‘safe’ where I was.  But thankfully, I chose not to let fear block me.  Luis offered me a doorway to another world, a world outside of the cage of fear and victimisation that keeps me trapped, a place where I can choose to live my life fully.


I have studied various healing methodologies and attended many workshops and retreats in the past.  For me though this retreat incorporates the best out of each of these philosophies plus much, much more…  I feel the learning and understanding I gained may have taken years but because of the intensiveness of the retreat I came to a deeper understanding of myself and some of my limited patterns much faster.

There is no curriculum to follow, no guide book that tells what needs to be done next, and this is what makes the work so powerful.  You the individual lead the process, Luis takes his cues from you, but most importantly he steps out of the way so the space is there for the higher power that brought you both together to do its work.

During the process I got a glimpse of the being I am becoming, I touched the stillness deep within, this indescribable beautiful ethereal place, what a revelation to discover the stillness I observe in Luis resides deep within me too!

Since returning home, I feel empowered, free and more at peace with myself.  I see my outer world transforming to match the internal rewiring that is taking place.

I was sad to leave, and felt I would miss the connection that we shared, but once home I realised what I was missing was the connection of truth and love in all of my relationships, once I understood this I saw I can still have that, all I need to do is connect with this in myself and then connect to each being around me without the mask but through what I really am, which is love. 

And this is where the journey really starts….