Luis Molinar, CPC, MBA-IM

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"The four-day retreat was a wonderful experience.  It initiated a deep inner journey of self-discovery of who I am and who I want to be.  Through openness and vulnerability, I found my strength.  During this wonderful journey, I felt very safe and comfortable to take necessary steps to grow through the love, understanding and kind support I received from Luis.

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Hans WD

The four day retreat I had with Don Luis Molinar had a strong and lasting impact on me.  During those four days I learned to get close to my inner self via the channel of the heart and experienced how to distinguish what my heart wants to achieve and what my mind makes of it because of education, fear, etc …

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Dear Don Luis,

A special experience, a 5-day retreat with you and the Toltec Teaching in a place I had never visited.

Going to Nerja, Spain was a big step for me. The more people advised me not to go, all coming from their own fear of not knowing what I was going to experience, it felt more and more like the right thing to do. I stepped over their and my own fear of the not knowing. I flew for the first time in my life all-alone to Nerja in Spain, to meet a man teacher I had met only twice. The first time was in Amsterdam, where I met you Don Luis and Debra. The second time was in Huissen, at the workshop of The Four Agreements.

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After doing a two day retreat with Don Luis in Oklahoma City, Ok, US

Spending time with you, Luis, is like holding a magnifying glass to my emotional body, seeing every hidden detail with clarity, then staring back at it until it is truly acknowledged––and the healing can begin.

With you, I feel frighteningly vulnerable yet lovingly protected. Whether in close sessions or casual conversation, you are always right there––listening and responding––always honest, always respectful, always patient; tough, but gentle.

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The Toltec teaching brought to me through Don Luis has revealed in me a deeper authentic Self. The teaching is simple and yet not easy, gentle and kind and yet ruthless. It pushes in me all that is not love, all that my mind thinks it knows and is revealing what I'm not, as appose to the Love that I AM. In the past, I have come to this path of self-awareness in many guises but never with such clarity, simplicity, and direct experience of Truth, and of Love.

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