Luis Molinar, CPC, MBA-IM

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I'm pleased to receive this message from you; it has helped me tosee the core of the apprenticeship more clearly. Four and a half yearsago, when I blindly wrote an e-mail to you and told you I wanted to bean apprentice, I had no idea what that was, nor what I was gettingmyself in to. I didn't even know what I wanted out of the teachings. Did I even know what these teachings were about?I truly did not; the'idea' to contact you was a gift from Spirit.

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Dear Don Luis,

Doing this apprenticeship to the Toltec way of life through you has been the most important opportunity of my journey so far. I am rediscovering excitement, creativity and the magic in life.

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Joyce W

My husband Richard worked with Luis for several years both in Teotihuacan and in an ongoing men's group. The work was very powerful and transformed his life. It gave him the strength to face his prostate cancer and allowed him to make the transition to a different plane peacefully and with great grace. Luis was the mentor and guide Richard had always looked for and he discovered much about Spirit and himself in the time they worked together. I was fortunate enough to join one of the trips to pyramids of Teotihuacan, Mexico, and not only felt transformed myself but Richard and I became much closer because of our work with Luis.

Laoise O’Flaherty: 5-day retreat

This journey has been one of my life’s greatest adventures.

It was a mysterious and magical week, it is difficult to encompass in words the process of transformation my inner world underwent as words cannot do the experience the justice it deserves.

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I wanted to thank you for facilitating my recovery from myself! My close friends have helped me through the process that began in Sedona. How lucky I am to have been surrounded with such gentle and caring energies. I will never forget my experience in Angel Valley nor will I ever be the same. My thought process is different, I see clearly, and I love myself. And you know, I realize I deserve my own respect and love.

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