Luis Molinar, CPC, MBA-IM

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Luis, I have been feeling a strong shift in perception since the New Year.  It feels odd, beautiful, and scary.  I feel like I am really waking up to some big truth within myself, and that I am finding my place in the world.  I have made a commitment to stay as much in the moment as I am able, and when I drift to bring myself back to the present.

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Janet L.

"Luis Molinar is a truly gifted teacher and healer.   His wisdom is matched by his humility, and he is generous with all that he offers.  With a firm and supportive hand he gently pushes his students forward.  Luis takes the mystique out of Shamanism and translates it into pure unconditional love. His very presence is healing."

Janet L., M.A., Therapist
Santa Barbara, CA

Stuart G.

“Through his patience, kindness and heart wisdom, Luis has shown me that true empowerment comes from the heart.   I have found these teachings to be very useful in my personal and business life.”

Stuart G.
Vice President
Major National Corporation

Marshall L.

“Luis is the living expression of a man strong in heart. He deeply knows the challenges and joys of men, and is a compassionate yet persistent guide through the fear, which so readily limits a man's full self-expression, into the bliss of surrender -- the way of the heart.”

Marshall L.
Foundation for Conscious Evolution

James S.

“.... don Luis creates an atmosphere of inspiration, commitment and personal challenge.  He works with a compassion, clairity, and honesty that asks us to become true warriors of the local self.  He ask’s us to go beyond the limited self through the Path of Freedom, to open our hearts, live in the moment as we develop a new relationship with our true Self.”

James S., M.A.
Business Owner, Natural Systems
President of the Board, Wilderness Youth Project
Santa Barbara, CA

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